Who does Certos work for

We always aim for a good cooperation and a flawless implementation. This is one of the reasons why our clients choose Certos Holland B.V.

With our more than 40 years of existence we offer technical professionalism and experience.

Because we are a technical company, we do not only provide the right technical solutions, but also offer people with knowledge of technique, machines and the industry. Therefore we always manage to perform, while in the end only the result matters.

The clients of Certos Holland B.V. are from different branches and industries. From local production companies till mayor international cooperation’s. We work for different customers in particular the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, but also Germany and the United Kingdom.

Certos Holland B.V. offers technical staffing solutions and supplies machinery for different branches and industries.

Certos works for:

  • Breweries and beverage industry
  • Producers of food
  • Non-food producers
  • Meat producers and meat processors
  • Bakeries
  • Packaging producers
  • Distribution centers and logistic companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Canning industry
  • Paint producers
  • Waits management companies

Certos also works for:

  • Machine producers
  • Engineering companies
  • Metal work companies
  • Assembly companies



What strikes me is that the machines of Certos don’t need much maintenance compared with other suppliers. Certos supplies good machines with good service and breakdowns are solved professional and rapidly. And if we need support, it’s a matter of just one phone call.

HTD, Burg Groep

Some of our clients