Certos Holland B.V., before Certus Chemie Haarlem B.V., is established in Haarlem in 1974. Since the establishment our company’s goal is to support the industry and related sectors with technical services, like machine maintenance and breakdown services, and high quality machinery. Besides these services and machinery, Certos Holland B.V. also offers technical staffing solution.     

Originally Certos Holland B.V. obtained it’s knowledge about techniques and engineering in Germany. Corporations and acquisitions of German companies made this possible. It is for his reason that the development and engineering takes place in both the Netherlands and Germany.

As a result of machine supplier, Certos always provided machine maintenance and technical services. Ever since the 90’s the service department grew enormously and these days our technicians and engineers work for diverse industries and for different projects.   And we provide technicians with diverse competences, specialisms and levels of experiences.

For more the 40 years the team of Certos Holland B.V. supports clients of different industries and sectors with high quality machinery and reliable technical services. Our years of experience and expertise is of great value for our customers.

Aviko “The organisation has enthusiastic and customer-oriented employees for giving us the right technical support with break-downs”.

R.Biervliet Maintenance Manager Aviko