For many production companies unstacking or depalletising of products like bottles, jars, cans and plastic containers can only be profitable by an automatic solution. Certos Holland B.V. offers several depalletisers and systems to depalletize your bulk products efficiently.

The depalletisers of Certos Holland are used to fully automatically unstack and sweep-off products of a pallet. Due to the high-quality modular construction of our machines we offer flexible system solutions. By this it’s possible to depalletize each required product efficiently without damaging the products. With our systems quick and fully automatic product change-over are integrated and easy.

PET, glass, plastic bottles and jars, cans, carton and combi cans can be depalletized by a depalletiser of Certos. Even if the pallets are with or without cardboard or plastic layers or tray is not a problem for our systems.

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