Palletising products comes with performance, flexibility and solid machine construction.

For more than 40 years Certos Holland develops and supply palletisers for diverse products and industries. We offer the right type of palletiser for every type of product or application.

The technical term “palletising” or “palletizing” is used in the industry to indicate that products are stacked automatically on a pallet by a machine. The industry produces different forms and sizes of boxes, trays, crates, bags, cans, kegs and buckets which in general need to be palletized on different forms of pallets. For each of these types of products and packages Certos Holland already developed and supplied diverse palletisers.

Over the last 40 years our organization gained much experience in the field of palletizing and palletisers. The palletisers of Certos offers high quality, flexibility and reliability.

Because of these characteristics it’s not only possible to palletize with high efficiency, but our systems also remain reliable on the long term.

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