Certos Holland B.V. works for many companies, of which a view were willing to write a reference for our company. Of course, we are very thankful for this.

All reviews and references about our technical services, machines and technical staffing solutions are real. If you appreciate it to contact the persons or companies in the reference list below, we are pleased to facilitate this.


Aviko, established in Venray Limburg, is a leading food production company, specialized in the production of dried potato flakes and granulate for the industry, retail and foodservice. One of the many fully automatic packaging production lines is used for the production of, among others, 25kg bags. Production capacity: approx.. 8.000 hours a year.

In order to guarantee the production reliability, Aviko outsourced the preventive and corrective maintenance to Certos Holland B.V. The experienced service engineers of Certos Holland B.V. are doing the annual maintenance of our production line. I can confirm that Aviko is fully satisfied about the service of Certos Holland B.V.


Maintenance manager Aviko B.V.




Mc Cain



For many years, Burg Groep is a customer of Certos Holland B.V. We started with this company because of the Steinle machines, which Certos supplies. These were one of the first machines we installed in our factory. In the all the years we replaced other palletisers for Certos machines.

What strikes me is that the machines of Certos don’t need much maintenance compared with other suppliers. Certos supplies good machines with good service and breakdowns are solved professional and rapidly. And if we need support, it’s a matter of just one phone call.

During holidays we needed extra technical staff. Accidentally I discussed this problem with a employee of Certos, who told me about their technical staffing service. We introduced an engineer of for a short period in our organization and hired him for a normal price. Now we are using this service of for 3 years.

HTD Burg Ter Aar

Alken Maes

Friesland Campina


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