Maintenance of machinery

The main task of a production company is to make sure that your product reaches the customer in a good condition, for the right costs and on time. Preventing unnecessary malfunctions by doing maintenance results in a better uptime of the machinery and finally a better output and efficiency of the production.      

For more than 40 years maintenance of machinery is a core competence of Certos Holland B.V.

Our early focus on maintenance and adjustments of own machines expanded rapidly to the maintenance of various systems, machinery and installations.

Certos provides:

  • Inspections;
  • Maintenance plans;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Corrective maintenance;
  • Overhauls;
  • Modifications and adjustments;
  • Components and spare parts.

Why outsourcing machine maintenance?

The maintenance of machinery is essential for the production continuity of your company. However, own technical staff has to focus on production and break downs. As a result there is a lack of time and capacity for proper maintenance.

Maintenance on machinery can be complex and must be carry out professional and structured. Certos Holland provides knowledge and competence for the right machine maintenance.

Why Certos Holland?

Each system, type or brand requires the right knowledge and specialism. As a result of our years of experience in the industry, we provide the right maintenance engineer or technician for every job. This can be for a single repair, the adjustment of a system or the periodically maintenance of a machine or production line.




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